Managed Sentinel, ready out-of-the-box


What do we do? 

Microsoft Sentinel provides an integrated/complete overview of the individual Microsoft security products all around identities, workplaces, applications, data, infrastructure, web applications and a wide range of 3rd party products. We deploy/implement, manage and optimize Microsoft Sentinel for you. Our ultimate goal is not a one-time setup, but an increasingly refined tailoring of Microsoft Sentinel to your organization.

Cloud native SIEM

Cloud native SIEM

Fully scalable, no maintenance required

Automatic response SOAR

Automatic Response (SOAR)

Automatic mitigation of security incidents

AI & machine learning

AI & machine learning

Built-in intelligence based on trillions of signals

On-premise en de cloud

For on-premise and the cloud

Holistic overview of your entire IT landscape

3rd party

Third party connectors

Countless integration options with third parties

MS security producten

Correlation & Integration

Combines the power of all Microsoft security products

NextFence Benefits


We always manage Azure Sentinel together with you


Fully automated and standardized rollout


Focus on security quick wins in favour of the Microsoft Secure Score

Nextfence piramide

Optimization based on Microsoft and community developments


Maximize automatic incident handling


Standardized Azure Sentinel implementation based on (a) fixed price